MYL-PAY: Your New Wallet

If you are already familiar with the Myrillion proposal, you probably know how urgent it is to create a tool to support all our solutions interactively and effectively. If not, here is your introduction to the Myrillion wallets.

Myrillion wants to build and develop a whole new, completely safe network, dedicated to the Entertainment industry actors. How? Through the combination of Smart Contracts and blockchain technology, a crypto currency (MYL), and a platform thanks to which all of these solutions can be supported – the MYL PAY & MYL PAY Pro Wallets.

Myrillion first solution, the MYL PAY wallet is dedicated to individual users, meaning that everyone who wants to hold a MYL PAY wallet can. MYL PAY allows the user to send, receive, sell and purchase Myrillions (MYL). With this feature, a Myrillion user will be able to trade and be connected with others. The MYL PAY Pro, on the other hand is a collection tool dedicated to the Entertainment industry professionals shaped for the needs of the industry. Those two wallets are the one allowing our different Smart Contracts to exist. They are the backbone of our solution and equipped with that tool, tipping artists, buying their works, trade all types of cryptocurrencies and much more. This wallet is the tool that permits you to fully enjoy the Myrillion experience as we have already negotiated deals (Muup, Bancor, Exagon) and will negotiate more to globalize and democratize this system through the whole market. As a matter of fact, thanks to those partnerships, you will be able to pay with your MYL Wallet in every store, convenience store, supermarket,… The user will not need to own MYL to be a part of the Myrillion network. The MYL PAY solution is a first class ticket to a brand new world.



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