Myrillion is partnering up with Bancor!

Myrillion’s new partner : Bancor is a standard for a new generation of cryptocurrencies called Smart Tokens

Bancor is a decentralized trading platform that will integrate the Myrillion currency on its platform. In fact, Bancor wants to achieve the objective of facilitating the ability for different currencies to trade with each other. We can think of the Bancor protocol as a new standard for cryptocurrencies, one that enables any token to hold one or more additional tokens in reserve creating a relationship between those tokens and allowing conversion between tokens and new kinds of economic models.

With Bancor, conversion is done directly. Thanks to their smart contract, there is no intermediaries and anyone can always exchange their token to another. It will allow the Myrillion to always have a market price and a liquidity which is hardly even possible with today’s exchanges.

This way, the trading processes will be facilitated and any individual will be able to buy and sell the MYL, at any time as Bancor is joining Myrillion the day of it public ICO, on the 1st  of February, 2019.

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