Important announcement regarding the Myrillion ICO !

In order to secure the signings of new commercial partnerships that are taking longer than expected, we have decided to postpone the Public ICO starting date to the 17th of December, 2018.

We are working really hard to provide you with the best possible product and this additional time will allow us to optimize the features we promised you. As a consequence, the private ICO will be extended until the 16th of December, 2018 following the conditions below:

Private ICO:
• From October 22nd to November 18th, 2018, with 15% bonus
• From November 19th to December 16th, 2018, with 10% bonus
For both phases, a minimum purchase of € 10k for individuals and a € 50k for legal entities is required.

Public ICO:
• From December 17th, 2018 to January 31st, 2019, with 5% bonus
For this phase, a minimum purchase of € 500 for individuals and a € 5k for legal entities is required.

We want to deliver you a product that meets your expectations and reflects our high standards. Meanwhile, the Private Sale is still live on our website.

Don’t hesitate to join our Telegram group to discuss with our team for any further informations.

The Myrillion Team.

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