Yann Dib, the problem solver

He did not fall into the magic geek pot when he was young and did not tinker with his inventions alongside with friends in a garage. But the path of Yann Dib, the CEO of Myrillion, the start-up that will revolutionize the world of entertainment, is consistent. This entrepreneur did not only come up with a brilliant idea to put an end to the eternal controversy of artists’ remuneration on streaming platforms; it’s a whole set of solutions that he has developed. A blockchain that ensures transparency, immediacy, traceability and automaticity in the distribution of income generated by Internet entertainment. A system that did not only come out of his brain through happenstance, but was rather the result of twenty years of experience in the security and crypto sector.

“I never dreamed of being Steve Jobs even though I admire his career,” he admits. “I came to the tech sector as a business leader”. Born in Paris in 1974, Yann Dib joined the US group TYCO, the world leader in electronic security, at the age of 22, after studying at the Ecole de Management de Lyon. Two years later, he joined HEC for a specialization in entrepreneurship in new technologies, after which he created his first business, which subcontracted for TYCO, before assuming the management of another company. “Our mission was to secure sensitive sites: borders, energy zones, army centers, etc.,” he says. “When I took over, it was a small business going through hard times: I developed it until I had about fifty employees”. At the same time, he took a stake in GINT, a consulting firm specializing in electronic security, of which he became Chief Executive Officer. Signal processing, AI, 360 ° cameras, high-power micro-processors … Yann Dib quickly saw the possibilities offered by new technologies and worked on their applications for Defense.

It was in this military environment that he began to familiarize himself with cryptography. “My board had several high-ranking army officers: I submerged myself in data management, information transfer and encryption,” he continues. Yann Dib then joined the group Dennis, a Pan-African development company in 2014, and spent two years in West Africa: urban security, information, media, overseeing many contracts in huge markets. But the political instability forced him to return home with his two young children. From his African experience, this far west of business, the young entrepreneur has kept an ability to adapt to difficult situations and a certain talent to round off the edges. And from his American experience, within the research and development offices installed in squared streets, it was above all the rigor and the seriousness that he appreciated.

Back in France in 2016, he launched the creation of MUUP, a live music application that can virtually allow the user to attend concerts around the world. “I wanted to change paths while keeping a link with tech,” he smiles. However, do not count on him to definitively settle the Stones and the Beatles debate: he only showed interest in music because one of his DJ friends came to ask him for help to mount her own structure. “I looked at contracts, booking management, rights: I found it interesting but old school”, he said jokingly. “I thought it needed to be modernized”. Leading the R & D team that has been following him for ten years, Yann Dib has developed a blockchain for MUUP so powerful that all the actors in the sector, from platform leaders to distributors and artists, were seduced. “When we saw that our solution interested a lot of people, it was extracted from MUUP to be generalized through the entire entertainment sector: arts, cinema, music, sports and tourism”. That’s how Myrillion, the start-up that will open the doors to digital entertainment for you, was born on December 10th.

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